Say What! Teen Ambassadors
and Consultants Recommendations

During the final photovoice session, youth provided their recommendations on what needs to be addressed about tobacco/nicotine use and vaping in Texas.


Their recommendations were collected and summarized below.

1. Develop and institute legislation that would make
    vaping less appealing to youth and protect Texas
    youth from being targeted by tobacco companies.


2. Implement prevention programs that target youth
    and their environment like their families, friends,
    and schools.


3. Expand funding of anti-tobacco educational
    programming for youth.


4. Provide support through youth-friendly cessation
    services instead of punishing and marginalizing
    youth who use nicotine products.

5. Start tobacco prevention programming earlier in elementary schools.


6. Educate adults about new nicotine and vaping products to help them help other children and youth.


7. Invest in local youth-led initiatives in tobacco prevention that do not just focus on education but also
    empower youth to be leaders in their communities.


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Say What! was created and designed by young people from across Texas and connects students interested in eliminating tobacco from their schools and communities. The Say What! movement is funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services through a contract with the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University.