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Education and increasing awareness are essential to creating the first tobacco-free and nicotine-free generation. Most people don’t realize the negative impact tobacco and nicotine products have on our society and our health. So, we’ve created easily accessible resources that can be downloaded to help you educate your peers and community members about the harmful effects of tobacco use.

Say What! PowerPoints

These presentations were created by Say What! Teen Ambassadors, Consultants, and staff and were presented during numerous statewide trainings including the Say What! Action Summits and annual Texas Tobacco-Free Conference.

'23 Summit
Safer Doesn't Mean Safe

The tobacco industry continues to change their products each time the public catches onto their deceptive tactics. You could say they are like a chameleon, always trying to blend into the background so you don't realize what they are doing. This presentation uncovers the dirty tricks and tactics Big Tobacco is using to evolve e-cigarettes and vapes to become more dangerous than before.

'22 Summit - Tobacco is a social justice issue

Big Tobacco spends a lot of time and money developing campaigns to target different groups of people based on age, ethnicity, and LGBTQ+. By downloading this presentation, your group will be able to educate classmates and community members about the dangers of commercialized tobacco products and reveal some of the tobacco industry’s dirty tactics!

'22 Summit - Advocacy

Most people don’t realize the most powerful tool they have is their voice, and when people get together and speak, impactful change can occur. This presentation will not only help you educate your classmates and community members to stay away from e-cigarettes and other commercialized tobacco products but show students throughout Texas how they can create tobacco-free change by speaking up!

A Burning Issue for the Environment

The tobacco industry’s commercialized products don’t just affect the health of people, but the health of our planet, too. This presentation will help facilitate a discussion about the devastating impact that manufacturing tobacco products has on our environment, child labor issues the industry causes in other countries, and what the industry has to say about the mess they have created.

Inhaling History

For centuries, Big Tobacco has exhausted every access point to gain new consumers. From taking a sacred plant and turning it into a deadly product to infiltrating soldiers in WWI and WWII, the tobacco industry has stopped at nothing to influence and manipulate every single person into using their deadly products. This presentation exposes the deceptive tactics and practices the tobacco industry has used throughout history.

Triangle of Health

There is no such thing as a “safe” tobacco product. Throughout this presentation, you will learn about the gross, shocking, and harmful realities of the products the tobacco industry manufactures, and what these products can do to your mind and body.

Tobacco Marketing & Its Dirty Tactics

The tobacco industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that profits by lying and deceiving not only America but other countries around the world. This presentation will open your eyes to some very alarming things about the largest tobacco companies, how they pretend to be the “good guys,” and the shocking marketing and advertising strategies they use to hook new customers.

Global Marketing and Prevention Strategies

We believe that knowing about how the tobacco industry profits off lying and deceiving around the world is important in our advocacy efforts. Discover how the tobacco industry markets to other countries, pretends to be the “good guys”, and what global prevention strategies advocates are using to fight back.

See Through the Smoke

Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States. In fact, tobacco kills more people than car accidents, suicides, murders, AIDS, alcohol, and illegal drugs combined. Download this presentation to educate classmates and community members about the many ways commercial tobacco products, secondhand smoke and aerosol, and thirdhand smoke and aerosol can negatively impact their health and the health of others.

The Tobacco Industry – History & Future Predictions

Have you ever wondered about what the tobacco industry looked like in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries? With this presentation, your group will be able to educate classmates and community members about how the tobacco industry has evolved commercialized tobacco products over the years, and emerging products they are advertising as being safer than cigarettes.

Vaping Marketing & Advertising Tactics

You probably see tobacco products every day in TV shows and online streaming without even realizing it. Learn how Big Tobacco is marketing to youth today and how advertising has changed throughout history. This session will also discuss the impact that tobacco has had on pop-culture, movies, video games and more.

Ditch the Nic

Did you know that 70% of smokers want to quit smoking but only 7% are successful? Find out why smoking and nicotine are harmful to your health and why quitting is so beneficial. This session will also discuss resources and strategies that will help those deciding to quit be successful!

Say What! PowerPoint Template

Create your own presentation with our Say What! themed slide deck. Whether you're giving an educational presentation or recruiting members to join your youth group, you can use this template to help you represent being a part of the Say What! movement.

Educational Handouts

Say What! educational handouts include flyers, fact cards, and infographics that discuss a variety of tobacco prevention topics including e-cigarettes, hookah, smokeless tobacco and much more. You can download these handouts in English or Spanish for any school or community project or as a leave behind when speaking to elected officials, school board members, school administrators, or community organizations and businesses.

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Get the Facts on Tobacco

Tobacco-Free School Signage

Does your school know they are required to be tobacco and nicotine-free? Help your school clearly communicate, enforce, and support a tobacco-free,

e-cigarette free campus!

tobacco-free school 
signage kit

Vape-Free School Signage

To assist schools in their efforts to communicate their campus is a tobacco-free and vape-free campus, Say What! has designed several resources that can be placed throughout campus.

Vape-free school 
signage kit
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To enhance your facilitation skills, tobacco prevention activities and presentation efforts, we’ve created a variety of guides and activities you can view and implement with ease.

Guides and Activities
More Guides & Activities:

For more downloadable resources, guides, and activities for social media, your local media, and working with elected officials, visit the Speak Up page.

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