2024 Say What! 
Virtual Vape-Free Summit

This year’s virtual summit featured the Say What! Teen Ambassadors discussing the evolution of vapes, the impact vape waste and other tobacco litter has on the environment, and the dangerous chemicals found inside vapes and their effect on our health. The Virtual Summit also featured an interview with a teen mental health therapist who discussed teen addiction, how youth can help a friend quit vaping, the difference between vaping nicotine and THC on the teen brain, and what good vs. bad mental health may look like for young people.


Scroll down to watch the summit recording and the full interview discussing teen vaping and mental health as well as access to tips on creating a healthier wellbeing and a variety of advocacy activities.

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Teen Vaping & Mental Health Podcast
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2024 Say What! Virtual Vape-Free Summit
Teen Vaping & Mental Health Podcast

This section features conversations between the Say What! Teen Ambassadors and Leanne Foell who is a teen mental health expert.

This episode features the Say What! Teen Ambassadors discussing their thoughts about friends and family members vaping, the impact advertising from the tobacco industry has had on their community to accept vaping, and how being a part of an organization like Say What! has helped them to educate their friends and family about living vape-free.

This episode features Leanne Foell, a mental health therapist and teen advocate, who treats young people who are addicted to vaping and other drugs or who are struggling with their mental health. Leanne discusses why addiction affects teens differently than adults, the difference between vaping nicotine and THC on the teen brain, what a vaping addiction may look like, tips for teens who are trying to quit, how youth can be a supportive friend to someone who is quitting vaping, and the difference between good mental health and bad mental health.


Leanne Foell is a licensed clinical social worker from Dallas, Texas who treats teens who are experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, frustration, and addiction. You can learn more about Leanne by visiting leannefoellspeaking.

Create Your Nicotine-Free Society

You can level up your advocacy efforts by yourself or with your friends by participating in these fun activities.

#1 Sign the Flavor Ban

This year, we can achieve a huge victory against Big Tobacco by getting the FDA to eliminate all flavored tobacco and nicotine products. Sign the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ petition to demand the FDA to put an end to flavored products once and for all.

Add your name here!
#2 Tweet the White House

Around the country, young people are taking action by using self-care as a form of activism and calling upon decision makers to declare vaping nicotine a mental health issue.


Tweet directly to the White House and urge them to join us in creating real change in the fight for our mental health. Thanks to the Truth Initiative, the information is already written. All you have to do is click and post.

» Tweet The White House
#3 Create a Public Service Announcement

Advocating for a nicotine-free society is all about using your voice and creating a PSA to post onto your social media channels is the perfect way to inform hundreds of people.


Take a look at this vaping prevention PSA created by Sharyland Pioneer Student Council:

Download the Tobacco-Free PSA Guide and Workbook to create and post your own public service announcement today.

#4 Host a Tobacco Litter Cleanup

Help keep your community tobacco-free by hosting a community-wide tobacco litter pick up. This activity is fun to do with a few friends or your entire school!


Register to host your own tobacco litter cleanup with us and we’ll send you supplies and community service hours for helping to protect our environment.

Register Now!

Download our stretch card and 30-day wellness challenge to jumpstart your journey to a happier physical and mental wellbeing.

30-Day Wellness Challenge

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Join Say What!

By joining the Say What! Movement you not only have access to tons of free resources to help you inform your school or community, but you receive access to elite trainings and the ability to connect with hundreds of other like-minded youth across the state.


Any existing youth group can be a part of the movement, or you can create an entirely new group. Take a look at how members are creating their tobacco-free society. Then, join the movement!


Don’t forget to follow @TxSayWhat on social media.

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Say What! was created and designed by young people from across Texas and connects students interested in eliminating tobacco from their schools and communities. The Say What! movement is funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services through a contract with the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University.