Visit these national resources to learn more about the various tobacco prevention programs and organizations working towards the first tobacco-free generation!

Stanford Medicine Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

This tobacco prevention curriculum is available for all middle and high schools for free, so register today!


The FDA has created free, downloadable posters and shareable social media content to address the health consequences of e-cigarette use.


This site is the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health and offers information related to smoking and tobacco use.

American Heart Association

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The American Heart Association (AHA) has created a vaping prevention campaign called #QuitLying. The campaign includes access to a toolkit, social media graphics and messaging, and opportunities for youth to raise awareness and tell Big Vape to quit lying.

American Lung Association

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The American Lung Association (ALA) is committed to ending the death and disease caused by tobacco use. The ALA's tobacco control policy efforts focus on reducing tobacco use and eliminating secondhand smoke exposure.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

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This organization is a leading force in the fight to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll in the U.S. by training and empowering youth advocates across the nation.

CATCH My Breath

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This e-cigarette prevention curriculum is available for all middle and high schools for free, so register today!

Fresh Empire

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Fresh Empire salutes those who represent Hip Hop, stay on their grind, and live tobacco-free by sharing exclusive videos and social media content.

Knock Tobacco Out of the Park

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 It is time to take tobacco out of baseball for good! See which teams and cities have already taken steps to protect its players and fans, and find out how you can do the same in your town.

Parents Against Vaping E-Cigarettes

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This site provides numerous articles, videos, tips, and resources on how parents can serve as advocates and educate and protect their children from vaping.


Public Health Law Center – Mitchell Hamline School of Law

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In an effort to reduce youth tobacco use within school settings, the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Minnesota has researched best practices for tobacco-free school policies and has created several resources and policy guides for schools.

Shop Tobacco-Free

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Find stores and retailers that don’t sell tobacco products in your area and encourage others to join the campaign with this sites tools and resources.

Smokefree Teen

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Today is a great day to quit. This site offers tools and tips to help youth quit vaping, cigarettes, and dip. Enroll in their free text message program today.

Taking Down Tobacco

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Created by Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, this free online training program provides youth leaders and adult allies with information and skills necessary to help create and #BeTheFirst tobacco-free generation.

The Real Cost

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Access graphics, videos, and facts to help educate teens and reduce the number of teens who experiment with tobacco and become lifelong users.

This Free Life

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This campaign proudly celebrates the lives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community by encouraging a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Tips From Former Smokers

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A national tobacco education campaign that profiles real people who are living with serious long-term health effects from smoking and secondhand smoke exposure.

Tobacco 21

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Tobacco 21 is a national organization focused on school-based education, reducing media exposure, counter marketing, tobacco and smoke-free homes and public areas, and increasing the legal minimum sale age to 21 nationwide.

Truth Initiative

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Truth Initiative is dedicated to spreading the truth about tobacco through education, tobacco control research and policy studies, and community activism and engagement.

Truth: This is Quitting

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This free mobile program from Truth Initiative is designed to help youth and young people quit vaping. The program incorporates messages from other young people like them who have attempted or successfully quit e-cigarettes.

Vaping: Know the truth

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Truth Initiative and Kaiser Permanente, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, have created a national youth vaping prevention curriculum. Learn more about this free, digital, self-paced online training today.

Youth Engagement Alliance

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The Youth Engagement Alliance consists of many national, state, tribal, territorial and regional professionals who work with youth to fight tobacco.


SAYWHAT! | Live Tobacco-free

Say What! EST. 2011







Toll Free: 877.304.2727

Local: 512.245.8082

Mailing Address

Texas School Safety Center

ATTN: Say What Program

Texas State University

601 University Drive

San Marcos, TX 78666

Say What! was created and designed by young people from across Texas and connects students interested in eliminating tobacco from their schools and communities. The Say What! movement is funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services through a contract with the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University.