To assist registered Say What! groups in their tobacco prevention efforts, Say What! provides

Mini-Grant Kits completely free of charge! These “projects-in-a-box” include well-designed, tobacco prevention-focused materials that also connect each group’s local efforts to the broader statewide Say What! initiative.


The project must be youth-led, though youth must be working with at least one adult partner. Each

Mini-Grant Kit may be used for any upcoming Say What! project that occurs between October 1st and July 31st each year. Read about the types of

Mini-Grant Kits available, and scroll down further to see which kits are currently in stock!

* To request a Mini-Grant Kit you must be a Say What! member. If you are not already a member, click here to register!


Trying to change a policy or ordinance in your school or community? Looking for ways to encourage business owners or local decision makers to promote tobacco-free environments? These kits offer some terrific resources to help you start the conversation.


If you’re looking for something to help you educate people on the harmful effects of tobacco or social norms, then these kits should do the trick!


Most people don’t realize the negative impact that tobacco use has on the environment. Check out these kits to see how you can help make the world a cleaner, safer, healthier place

for everyone!

Healthy Lifestyle

What does living a healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle look like? It’s a ton of fun, that’s for sure! Use these kits to encourage people to get involved and live tobacco-free!


Digital kits are downloadable projects with everything you need to implement tobacco prevention activities in your school or community! These kits can be downloaded at any time to help your efforts in promoting a healthy, tobacco-free life!

2021/22 Mini-grant Kits

All Kits are out of stock

2022/23 mini-grant kits will be available in the fall

but are available for download

Texas Tobacco-Free Kids Day Kit

Tobacco Litter Kit

Texas Tobacco-Free Kids Day is about empowering youth to expose and combat Big Tobacco’s powerful marketing strategies aimed at youth, and this kit has everything your group needs to educate your school or community on the importance of living tobacco, nicotine, and vape-free. So, if you want to educate your peers and community members about how dangerous the tobacco industry is, request this kit and join hundreds of Texas youth on April 1st as they host activities to raise awareness about the dangers of the industry and all tobacco products.


Don’t forget to download and print the photobooth props to use at your event!

Tobacco products aren’t only dangerous for people, but the environment and wildlife, too. Littered tobacco products like cigarette butts, vapes, and dip cans are some of the most littered items that are poisoning our planet. This kit features a vape waste bin for schools or community centers to store collected vapes for safe disposal as well as a tobacco litter log to track all of the cleanup’s your group hosts, what was collected, and how much. Afterwards, your group can use that information to speak with local business owners or decision makers to promote tobacco and vape-free establishments.


Request this kit today to help make your school or community a safer, cleaner place for everyone.

Mental Health & Wellness Kit

2021 Red Ribbon Week KIT

For decades, the tobacco industry has marketed their products as a great way to relieve stress and increase mental well-being, but the fact is nicotine makes those feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression worse! This kit focuses on sharing the truth about how dangerous vaping and other nicotine products are to our mental health, and how youth can receive free, confidential help to quit.


Request this kit to see the positive difference you can make in your peers and community members!

Red Ribbon Week is an important opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. This kit includes exclusive merchandise to help further your tobacco prevention efforts, such as a pledge banner to commit to living tobacco and vape-free, a selfie frame to promote your message on social media, and a facilitator guide for fun, engaging activities. Download the separate digital Red Ribbon Week Kit for additional resources to use throughout the week.


Download this kit to help make your Red Ribbon Week efforts a success!

Get the Facts
on Vaping Kit

Recruiting Kit

By educating your peers about the dangers of vaping, you not only empower them to live their lives tobacco-free, but you are taking a stand against the tobacco industry and sharing the truth about their products!


Request this kit today to help spread the word and to help create the first tobacco-free generation!

Now is a great time to recruit new people to be involved in your tobacco prevention efforts or organization. With promotional posters and Say What! branded materials, this kit will help you reach vast amounts of people to help spread the word that you live tobacco-free!


Request this kit to start recruiting new members today!

Digital Kits

2021 Red RIbbon Week Kit

Vaping Prevention Community Kit

Red Ribbon Week is an important time each year to raise awareness about the dangers of drug use. This downloadable kit has a Red Ribbon Week themed presentation and tips on how you can educate your peers on the negative effects of tobacco products! Download this kit for your Red Ribbon Week project today!

This downloadable kit has a variety of project ideas and downloadable resources to implement safe, physically distanced activities to educate your community members about the dangers of vaping and encourage those who do vape to quit! Download this kit to get started on your community project today!

3 Red Ribbon Week Social Media Downloads

1 Red Ribbon Week PowerPoint Presentation

1 Red Ribbon Week PowerPoint Template

1 Red Ribbon Week Facilitator Guide

1 Red Ribbon Week Message Cards Template

1 Red Ribbon Week Selfie Frame Template

1 Vaping Prevention Community Project Guide & Templates

Vaping Prevention

Escape the Vape Kit

Increasing awareness about the dangers of vaping is an important step in creating a nicotine-free generation. This kit contains all the materials you’ll need to not only educate your peers, but to implement a social norms roll-out campaign to encourage your school to #BeVapeFree!

This digital kit has everything you need to host your own escape room! Participants must escape the clutches of tobacco industry executives in under 30 minutes to avoid being the next guinea pig for new tobacco products! Download this kit to get started on your escape room today!

4 Stickers Templates

2 Temporary Tattoo Templates

1 E-Cigarette Flyer

1 Cessation Card

2 Button Templates

1 Window Cling Template

1 Vape-Free Campus Poster

1 Vaping Facts Poster

1 Roll-Out Poster

3 Roll-Out Poster Add On’s

1 Kit Facilitator Guide

1  Facilitator Guide

1  Event Preparation Guide

1  Prepare and Reset the
    Room Guide

1  Sequence of Events Guide

1  Scripts and Examples Guide

1  Set of Escape Room Materials

Photobooth Kit

This digital kit has everything you need to create your own tobacco-free photobooth! The interactive display includes props, tobacco-free signs, and everything you need to engage people at your next event. Download this kit to get started on your photobooth today!

1 Tobacco-Free Photobooth Facilitator Guide


Healthy Lifestyle




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