SAY WHaT! Action Summits

This year, we focused on vaping prevention by calling out the tobacco industry for all of their deceptive and manipulative strategies that have caused the youth vaping epidemic.


We hosted 5 virtual summits discussing how tobacco is a social justice issue, the dangers of vaping and its connection with COVID-19, the tobacco industry’s marketing tactics, and how every Texas youth can be the best advocate for vaping prevention.


Scroll down to watch our virtual summit recordings and download the project materials that were designed for each summit.

2021 Virtual Summit Recordings

Tobacco: A Social Justice Issue

When you see the words “social justice,” what do you think of? Believe or not, the tobacco industry has spent decades profiling communities of color, youth, women, and the LGBTQ+ community with their targeted advertisements. These tactics have caused excessive tobacco use among these communities which has led to thousands of deaths. Today, they are using the same tactics with e-cigarettes and other vape products.

Vaping & COVID-19

Did you know there was an epidemic before the pandemic? This summit will uncover how the tobacco industry created the vaping epidemic, discuss why e-cigarettes are so dangerous and what you can do to take a stand and educate your peers about vaping as well as the dangerous connection between vaping and COVID-19.

Big Tobacco’s Dirty Tricks

Since the 1900’s, the tobacco industry has advertised their products through newspapers, magazines, the radio, television, and billboards. Marketing campaigns included clever slogans, imagery, themes, and narratives to persuade people their products were safe, healthy, and a normal part of daily life. Today, the industry is still doing the same thing but with e-cigarettes.

Becoming a Youth Tobacco Prevention Advocate

Being an advocate is all about using your voice to take a stand and educate your friends and community members about things you are most passionate about. Before you can be an advocate for others, you must be an advocate for yourself, understand what it means to lead, what advocacy looks like, and refusal skills to help you and your friends resist peer pressure to vape.

Being a Youth Tobacco Prevention Advocate


Being an advocate for youth tobacco prevention isn’t all about action. We must understand why and how we should advocate for others and our environment against e-cigarettes and vapes. Then, we can address the different types of policy advocacy opportunities, build positive relationships with elected decision makers, and work with local media to expand your efforts throughout your community.

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