Say What! Tobacco-Free
Virtual Conference

July 26 - 27,  2020

Teen Ambassador Sessions

The Say What! Teen Ambassadors have been preparing for you all year! See their skills in
action and learn how tobacco and nicotine use impacts more than just your health.

Tobacco and COVID-19

Have you ever wondered how tobacco use and COVID-19 may be related? In this session you will learn about the increased risks smoking can have on fighting off COVID-19 and some of the misinformation being provided on the effects of smoking. Also, find out how Big Tobacco and Big Vape have benefited from COVID-19 and used the Coronavirus to market their products even more.

History of Tobacco Prevention

Boring title. Intriguing session! Enjoy a journey from the past through the present as we dig into how we’ve become the advocates we are today! Some things may shock you while some things may not. Come ready to watch because many things will be taught! (Oops that’s cheesy... but so is my humor!)

Effects of Tobacco and Nicotine

Most people know that using tobacco is bad for your health, but what about the health of our planet? What happens to all the cigarette and e-cigarette litter people throw out of their car windows? What exactly is the difference between a nonsmoker and a smoker’s body? Learn how tobacco effects the human body and the environment, and how you can make positive changes in your own community to protect each other and our planet.

Vaping Marketing and Advertising Tactics

You probably see tobacco products every day in TV shows and online streaming without even realizing it. Learn how Big Tobacco is marketing towards youth today and how advertising has changed throughout history. This session will also discuss the impact that tobacco has had on pop-culture, movies, video games and more.

Life of an E-Cig

You have seen them at your school, in your community, and maybe even in your friend groups. E-Cigarette use like JUUL is rising rapidly among youth. What are these products and what do they look like? What impact can they have on your health? How are they marketing them? Discover the facts to help you address e-cigarettes and vapes in your school.

Ditch the “Nic”

Did you know that 70% of smokers want to quit smoking but only 7% are successful? Find out why smoking and nicotine are harmful to your health and why quitting is so beneficial. This session will also discuss resources and strategies that will help those deciding to quit be successful!

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Say What! was created and designed by young people from across Texas and connects students interested in eliminating tobacco from their schools and communities. The Say What! movement is funded by the Texas Department of State Health Services through a contract with the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University.